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Hiroki: My First Story :iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 1 1
My First Story 3
Nob sat in the driver's seat of the bands van tapping his thumbs on the steering wheel. He had woken them an hour ago and he still was the only one out. Sighing he took the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants and made his way down into Sho's room. " are you awake? We have a concert to get to in Shibuya by tonight," he said as he poked his side. Sho groaned and sat up slowly and glared at Nob. "Uh..never mind just...get ready," Nob said as he backed out of Sho's room. Sighing Nob rubbed his forehead. He dropped his hands and looked up as he heard a door open. Put walked Masack dressed fully and ready to go. Nob smiled and clapped his hands then pointed violently at the door, signaling for Masack to get in the van.
"Right...I'll be in the van." Muttered Masack as he headed out. Sighing again Nob made his way over to Teru's door. He knocked quietly, "Er..Teru...time to wake up...and uh...wake up Hiroki know how
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Where do we go from here?
June came to late in the night and sat up cringing. He looked around and remembered the glass and beer. Slowly he stood up then limped his way over and grabbed the broom. After he cleaned the glass he went to U-ya's room and knocked on the door. "Wait...he'll be asleep" he said quietly as he turned and headed to his room. Just as he reached his door, U-ya opened his own door and peeked out. "June? Is that you?" He said sleepily. June smiled and made his way back to U-ya. "Oh June what did you do to yourself? Come in June." June bowed his head and walked in. Not a split second later U-ya had June on his bed and his shirt had been torn off. June turned deep red.
"U-ya why..." He turned his head to the side as U-ya worked getting the glass out of his upper body. "Thanks U-ya."
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My First Story: side story
Hiroki stood in the recording room with his lips pressed up against the mic and his lungs working hard to keep up with his words. "I can see your eyes. I'm all alone and suddenly I decide to quit to live.." Hiroki gives a startled jump as Teru charges into the room out of breath and clearly out of his right mind. He stood and smiled at Hiroki as he made his way over to him, gripping his wrists. "Teru-kun...wha-hey that hurts." He said weakly as Teru gripped tighter. Teru leaned in close to Hiroki's ear and whispered quietly.
"Keep singing Hiroki-chan..your voice is exhilarating to my senses." He licked his lips and Hiroki cringed away trying to pull his arms away. Teru shook his head and backed Hiroki up to the wall.
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Linkin Park Combo
                        Linkin Park Combo
The Requiem
Burning In The Skies
The Catalyst
Lost In The Echo   
A Line In The Sand
A Place For My Head
In The End
The Little Things Give You Away
Waiting For The End
Empty Spaces
Mark The Graves
Hands Held High
The Messenger
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns
The blood of innocence burning in the skies
Who've never faced oppression's gun
I used the deadwood to make the fire rise
I've seen the blood
Then sorrow, then sickness
The lost and the sights unseen
And I was lost in the flood,
So hollow, so vicious
Through the secrets that I have seen
The lessons that you taught me
It doesn't even matter
It makes me think of how you act for me
And six feet under water
Come for me, I'll be gone
Alone with a sinking feeling
And trying to figure out what it's like moving on
Suffocate in the me
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undecided title
Chapter 1
“Daddy, what are you doing?”
“Remember Sarah, Daddy has an important experiment to do on you and Claire.”
“What kind of es-espearament?” she asked stumbling on the word.
“It’s not important, Sarah.” replied the father.
Lights flashed on and for a moment Zack was blinded. Once his eyes adjusted he took in his surroundings. He was in a red velvet chair, a round glass table was in front of him. People were sitting off to his left and it looked like he was on a stage. “That’s right.” Zack mumbled. “This is the day I’m interviewed on T.V.” A lady in bright pink pants and a green shirt walked over to Zack. Zack wrinkled his nose and leaned away from her. It was clear she had dumped some bad perfume on her clothes. Her lips kept moving but Zack wasn’t listening until she placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Zack are you ready? We’re on in two.” she said. He nodded and was
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My last FALILV drawing :iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 1 0
So It Begins
"U-ya that hurts!" June cried out. U-ya looked up from June's nails and sighed.
"I'm sorry, but beautiful nails don't come easily June-chan," he replied before leaning down and kissing June's finger. June blushed deeply making it seem as though his cheeks were burnt thanks to his place complexion. U-ya and June have been "dating" for a week now though they haven't told Nori or Glielmoko-ichi yet. June sighed and rested his head in the palm of his other hand while he watched U-ya work. Straightening up in his seat, June used his free hand to run his fingers through U-ya's bleached hair. U-ya let out an annoyed sigh and looked up at June. "June, I can't focus if you keep touching me like that. Don't you want pretty nails?" He asked as he blew June's nails. June was going to suggest something else, but Nori walked into the kitchen and June put away the thought. Walking over to the fridge and taking out a beer, Nori then jumped up onto the counter and nodded at U-ya.
"Why do you make him d
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MY FIRST STORY: Beginning 2
Alright so maybe Hiroki didn't really regret that first step he had taken. The guys seemed pretty cool and excited to have him in their band. Perhaps Taka was right..maybe this was going to be great. Hiroki was deep in thought and it wasn't until Teru was shaking him violently that Hiroki pulled himself back to reality. "Hiroki-chan," Teru said. Hiroki cringed at the nickname and then scowled.
"What have I said about you calling me that Teru?" He said trying to be seriously pissed. Teru laughed and soon after Hiroki did as well.
 Masack walked into the lounge room where Hiroki and Teru were and plopped himself down into the soft sofa. Letting out a long yawn he eyed Hiroki and smiled. "You really look like him you know," Masack said with a grin. Hiroki blushed terribly dark and fanned away the comment.
"I don't know what you mean. I look like one else." Masack laughed grilling his sides as he did before standing and making his way over to Hiroki.
"I'm being honest
:iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 1 0
MY FIRST STORY: beginning
Hiroki was too busy looking out the window of the car to hear what his older brother Taka had to say. That is until he felt a hard hit on his shoulder. He pulled his gaze away from the window and looked at his brother.
"Hiroki did you hear any of that?" His brother asked. Hiroki shrugged.
"I got bits and pieces," he said. "You pretty much are dragging my ass to meet some "amazing" musicians in hopes that I'll join them," he said with little enthusiasm. Taka sighed and ruffled his brother's hair deserving a punch to the stomach. Taka pulled back.
"Yeah that's about right, but I really want you to try this okay? Don't judge them so quick Hiroki," Taka said as the car came to a stop. Letting out a heavy sigh, Hiroki opened the car door and stepped out onto the sidewalk. He looked at the building in front of him.
"'re leaving me a...a studio? What the hell? What do you not have the money to get me at least an actual place to stay Taka?" His brother walked up next to him a
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FALILV :iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 2 0 FALILV :iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 4 0 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas :iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 2 0 FALILV :iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 0 0 So/Aoi :iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 0 0 Aoi/So :iconshark-faceog:Shark-faceOG 0 0


My oc character Sai Shiruo :iconsinnerpersona:SinnerPersona 3 0 Should I post my manga panels :iconsinnerpersona:SinnerPersona 3 0
How in the hell do i confess to you?! Pt.2
The next morning there was a knock at the door, Sxun, who was very sleep deprived from waking up at multiple times during the night and then falling back asleep and then waking up yet again, walked sluggishly up to the door, grasped the handle and opened the door. No one was there but there was a note and what seems to be breakfast in front of him. He picked it up and saw that it read: 'Hey Sxun, by the time you get this I'll be out doing some stuff. Enjoy the morning surprise - Tomo', Sxun swore he felt his heart skip a beat and felt a slight warmth to his cheeks.
After an hour later, Sxun had ate the breakfast, gotten dressed and headed out to go get some food shopping in (since So had slept over and ate almost everything there was). He headed to a nearby Shopping center, which wasn't very big but it was good a enough place to stock up on food when needed. Sxun opened the door walked through the entrance and into the store and headed to the drinks, grabbing what drink he needed to ge
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Untitled :iconthexlegnx:THExLEGNx 3 0 Untitled :iconthexlegnx:THExLEGNx 2 0 Untitled :iconthexlegnx:THExLEGNx 1 0 Untitled :iconthexlegnx:THExLEGNx 1 0 Untitled :iconthexlegnx:THExLEGNx 2 0 Genos :iconthexlegnx:THExLEGNx 3 0 WIP :iconthexlegnx:THExLEGNx 2 0 Minami~ :icontinykittywink:TinyKittyWink 4 0 Taiki and Kei~ :icontinykittywink:TinyKittyWink 1 0
Just a regular week...isn't it? /part 1?/
Little note here: there will be grammer and punctuation mistakes and I apologise for that, I'm not very good with writing ;-; and the guys will most likely be very ooc here...
"OW- what'd you do that for- AH!"
BOOM, CLASH, was heard from inside of the music room. "S-stop! MINAMI!!!" was heard inside, footsteps quickly paced down the corridor and a hand bashing against the door; getting it to open. As Minami looked around he had seen So in a ball, curled up on the floor and Sxun just sitting in the chair that was placed not to far from the So that was groaning in pain in the floor.
"Do I even need to ask?" Minami groaned, face palming as well.
"Uh....I'm fine" as So got up, still in pain, he went to sit down on another chair.
"I'm going to see if Tomonori needs help, see ya..." Sxun mentioned and got off the chair and head towards the door, the sound of the door closing rang through the music room So and Minami where still in.
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One for all and all for one! Part 1
There's a few curse words in here, I'm not bothering putting a warning (even though this is kinda like a warning) but nothing to major....I think... Sorry ( ´︵` )
So's p.o.v
???: "SO!"
So: 'UH?...WHAT?"
???: "Get your gear ready, we're leaving now"
I sit up and check the time; 2:30pm..........shit.
So: "GOD DAMN IT, SON OF A BI-..uh-oh"
I realise that I haven't packed a single thing and today was the day we were heading to France. I heard footsteps coming to the room I was in, great...wonder who this could be...
There goes the poor doors soul.
Aaaand here comes the doors hinges. The door flew out if its place and landed in front of me.
So: "really? There's this thing called knocking and a door handle, try them sometime"
???: "well excuse me princess, but we're leaving soon so...GET YOUR GOD DAMN ASS PACKING!"
...oh....never have I seen Kei shout so loudly, asswipe almost burst my ear drums.
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How in the hell do i confess to you?! /part 1\
Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this little fan fiction!
"I CAN'T, DUMBASS!" Sxun exclaimed shouting towards the recording room.
"Sure you can, sweetheart" Taiki flirtatiously grinded on.
If you wondering what's happening well basically, Shits happened.
Sxun blushed at the pet name, he turned away facing the glass window into the editing room where he saw Tomonori and Kei chatting and laughing. To be honest, he was jealous of how close them two were; even though he was just as close with Tomonori. He hates to admit it but he's developed some feelings towards Tomonori throughout the years they've been together. Even for the first few weeks he felt some attraction towards the long-haired man but he's always doubted himself thinking 'how could he like someone like me?' Or 'he's probably not into that...' Although Sxun never thought that away about the same gender, he always had some sort of feelings; special feelings, towards Tomo-san.
He sighed, looked
:icontinykittywink:TinyKittyWink 2 4
W.I.P :iconthexlegnx:THExLEGNx 3 0


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The sound of decompressing air awoke a man, actually a hobbit. The hobbit slowly opened his eyes. Looking around, he saw he was in a seven foot tall chamber of some sort. “Goodness! This thing is for a beast!”, the hobbit exclaimed. An ear deafening sound echoed throughout the room. Red lights started flashing. The hobbit climbed out of the chamber right as a metal contraption opened. Dust flew around the ground as the contraption started to disappear into the ceiling. A dark figure appeared in the cloud of dust. The hobbit saw that this was the seven foot beast meant to fit in the chamber. The figure quickly made his way over to the hobbit, reaching him in four steps. The beast then placed a cold metal object on the center of the hobbits’ head. Feeling as though his life was on the line, the hobbit began to speak. “Wait, wait don’t hurt me. Please!” the hobbit said. “What’s your name stranger?” the dark figure demanded aggressively. “Bilbo Baggins. From the Shire” Bilbo said nervously. “What the hell’s a Shire?” asked the figure. “My home village,” Bilbo explained. “Why are you here Mr. Baggins?” replied the beast. The figure looked him over. The poor bastard had pissed himself. He removed the object from Bilbo’s head. The hobbit was obviously oblivious to the fact that his pants were wet. “I don’t know honestly. Last I remember, I was sleeping in my bed. Not in some monster chamber”, said Bilbo. “That sleeping chamber has been empty for months. I have checked it repeatedly while traveling to reach my comrades. So, when did you get here Mr. Bilbo?” “I told you, I don’t know!”, Bilbo yelled. He was finally able to view the beast and was taken aback when he saw it’s attire. The beast seemed to be covered in metal of a sort. “I am Kurt Ambrose. Spartan-051”, Kurt said holding out his hand. Bilbo gaped at the size of his hand. It was big enough to cover Bilbo’s entire face. He grasped Kurt’s hand and shook it briefly, then returned his hand back to his side. “I-I’m sorry, but what’s a spartan?” “Follow me Bilbo, and we’ll discuss this.” Kurt said. The two exited the room and headed down a dark hallway. There was hardly enough light for Bilbo to see where to go. “Sorry Mr. Bilbo, that there isn’t enough light. I’m trying to save energy on this ship. This room up ahead, the armory is the one room with full lighting.” Kurt sat on a metal crate, then motioned for Bilbo to take a seat. Bilbo sat on the cold floor, facing Kurt. “Let me just first tell you that there are four programs. Each is called SPARTAN. I am a SPARTAN-II, the second generation of spartans’. The first project was called Orion project, or SPARTAN-I. Spartans are physically,mentally,genetically enhanced super-soldiers. At the age of six, me and 299 other children were kidnapped by the UNSC; United Nations Space Command. They replaced us with robotic clones, but the clones died quicker than expected. Anyways, we were taken to training sites where we were tested with advanced education, like mathematics, science, history, reading and writing. Every day we were pushed to our limits and even further beyond that with drills.” Kurt took a pause and looked at Bilbo. The hobbit was gaping at Kurt. “You know what, I think that’s enough information for now. I’m sure you have a lot of questions Mr. Bilibo but they will have to wait. We have other matters to attend to. Like getting you in some fresh clothing. Confused by what Kurt had meant when he said “fresh clothing”, Bilbo examined his clothes and to his dismay found that he had urinated in his pants. *** Mordor was in the presence of a great mastermind best known by the name Sauron. Under the castle in a very isolated catacomb, Sauron was standing in front of a machine he had made himself. The machine had taken him years to complete and now it was finally done and he had already gotten to test it. Sauron had used the machine to send a hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins to another dimension. The word from the oracle was that Bilbo would have a nephew who would ruin all that Sauron had worked hard for. He didn’t know where the hobbit ended up nor did he really care. As long as he was gone for good. Happy with himself, Sauron decided to test the machine. Curious to know where he would end up. Little did he know that he would be ending up in the same place as Bilbo. *** After getting Bilbo a change of clothing, Kurt took him to the mess hall. Unfortunately for the hobbit, the clothing they had found was about two sizes too large for Bilbo, but like Kurt had said. It was better to have large clothing then nothing at all. As the two sat down with plates of cold steak, a loud clatter came from the chamber room where Kurt found Bilbo. Looking over at the hobbit Kurt spoke,”You were the only one in there correct?” Bilbo nodded his head, sending his curly hair bouncing. “Yes. I was all alone.” Bilbo replied as he continued to stuff the juicy meat into his mouth. Kurt stood up and pulled what he had explained to Bilbo as a gun out of his pockets. Feeling that he should come along as well, Bilbo stood up and left the steak behind. Even though he didn't want to, and followed Kurt back to the chamber. As the metal door reopened, Kurt pulled out a flashlight and shone it at the ground looking for rodents instead, he saw a pair of feet. Once the door opened completely the two males stared in awe as they saw a being bigger than them both stand before hooed, Kurt clenched and unclenched his hands before clearing his throat and asking, "What in the hell are you?" His voiced cracked as he said it. Damn himself. He just hoped that nothing else slipped up or out. Sauron looked down at the two small beings and grinned as he saw the hobbit.


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I'm a video game junkie! Halo forever. Love RedvsBlue. I'm pretty chill. Um if anyone ever wants to learn to draw hit me up on here and just ask. I'll show you how by posting picture by picture displays


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